The Long Letter

religion / parenting / letter
The Long Letter is a project written for my children that has resonated with a larger community. A growing number of LDS parents struggle to decide how much to explain to their children, and at what age. This project is my attempt to address troublesome aspects of Mormon doctrine and history in a way that respects my children, my integrity, and the beliefs held sacred by our neighbors and peers in Mormon culture.

You were born into a Mormon family, but sometime between your last dirty diaper and the day you got baptized, I stopped believing in Mormon-y things. It wasn’t something that merely happened to me — I didn’t lose my testimony the way a person loses their car keys, and I didn’t just decide I like coffee more than I like eternal life. I spent countless hours reading, studying, asking, and contemplating. Ultimately, I chose to follow my conscience and be honest with myself about what I believe, which, you will have noticed, is different from what a lot of our neighbors seem to believe.

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